Interview with someone older

In this interview I spoke with my mother and learned a lot about her that I didnt know.

Interview with Maria Morier

We talked about communism, what her life has been like and what she desires her future grandchildren will know about her.

Uruguayan Immigrant Mother

My mother came to the United States with three of my siblings when I wasn’t even born, and this is my interview with her.

Noor Mashiana and his mother Rupinder Mashina discuss Rupinder's experience as an immigrant.

Rupinder discusses her experience as an immigrant, and how it shaped her as a person.

Taylor Burton Interview

This interview was about my sister who has endured many challenges in her life. She talks about how she overcame these struggles and how she felt during these times.

My mother’s young adult life/education

My mother and I discuss how she was raised and what her outlook was on education growing up.

PJ and Linda

Linda McGroom shares a story of care about her daughter and why her church is important to her.