Interview With Mom

I interview my mom. We mostly talk about her childhood and her work life.

Interview with my Mom

We talked about my mother’s COVID-19 experience, her family heritage, and her experience with religion and how she raised us (her kids) and how she feels about religion now.

Me and babcia

Life growing up in Poland during the 50/60’s, and coming to America.

Ella Bachorowski & Elisabeth Nebeker: Teenage Pregnancy and Religion

Elisabeth Nebeker (47) talks with her daughter, Ella Bachorowski (17) about memories and her experience of getting pregnant while attending BYU.

Cailey Beck interviews Yushin Kim

Cailey Beck (16) interviews her friend Yushin Kim (17) on seeing ghosts as a child, fishing advice from grandpas, Covid19, and his experiences with numerous past pandemics.

Rohit Gupta and Harshal Keswani

Harshal Keswani(19) talks with his friend, Rohit Gupta(18) about online classes, conspiracy theories, and religion vs science.