How I Choose to Lead

Alexa talks about how she chooses to lead and the detriments of social media.

Interview about the internet and online media with a clinical analyst

This was an interview about the progression and future of the internet and online social media with Pat Moses, a clinical analyst

This is the second part of the great story of Michael Power!

This interview is private.

Bhavya Patel and Harsh Patel

Harsh Patel discusses the impacts of Covid-19 on his mental and social health. He also discusses his go-to methods for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during Covid-19, whether that means taking a walk around the local lake or considering the hypotheticals...

Part 3: The Effects that Social Media has on the Body Image of Female Adolescents

Through the research and interviews for this podcast, I was able to determine that social media plays a role in the negative body image of today’s adolescents.

Part 1: The Effects that Social Media has on the Body Image of Female Adolescents

This podcast discusses how the female adolescents’ body image are affected by social media. I will focus on early/late maturing, Marshall and Tanner’s external signs of puberty, the storm and stress theory, and experiments/studies from articles. Social media can be...

Going from a pay phone to Facebook

This interview is about how my grandma first started using a telephone when she was younger, to now and how she feels about all things social media especially Facebook!

Life Pre Social Media

In this interview, I am heard discussing what growing up was like before social media and the Internet was as popular as it is today. Not only do we discuss what life was like growing up without the Internet, we...

Media in Ethiopia

In this interview, I talked to my mother on facetime and we discussed her childhood, the evolution of the internet and social media, and how media impacts the country of Ethiopia today.

Discussing Social Media with Eve Dabney

Naturi Nicholas (18) a VCU freshman majoring in mass communications talks with Eve Dabney (40+), a family friend, about social media and its impact on their lives. They discuss life before social media, different social media platforms, and the pros...