The Wearer of Hats: an Interview with a Diverse Father

From the tennis court to the runway, and everything in between, Henry Jacobson has had a diverse journey through life that’s not over yet.

Subculture interview

This is a recording of me interviewing Timothy Smith, a member of the club tennis team at UNCG

Diego Custodio and Carlos Goffi. Tournament Tough Tennis

Interview with Carlos Goffi about his book, Tournament Tough by Diego Custodio.

Claudia’s Journey To America

Today I interviewed Claudia from Spain. She talked about her journey coming to America and why she wanted to come to the U.S.

Interview With Dad About College Tennis Career

Talked about his most memorable match throughout college.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, Tommy Franklin (13) interviews his grandfather Hienz Kiebler (79). This is conducted over the phone, with Hienz being in Cranford, NJ, and Tommy in Crofton, MD. Hienz tells about his childhood and about his moving from Poland...