Thanksgiving Interview with My Nana

In this interview I ask my Nana questions about important events throughout her life.


We talk about points of my father’s experiences in life. I was so exciting to hear him talking in English and giving his opinion of several things.

The Life of Jean Runkle

Me and my grandmother discussed many topics. Some of these were the memories and people that changed our lives. My grandmothers mom helped her learn manners and her grandmother taught her how to be a good person. We also discussed...

Larry Vranka Interview

An interview with father Larry Vranka about his valuable memories from his life and the people in them. He speaks about his experience with the September 11th attacks while he was out of the country, important advice his family gave...

Betty Mims

My grandma, Betty Mims, told me about her life growing up in Florida. Her family a constant and her love for servicing her community were both staples in her life.

Interview with Duong Tran

This is an interview about my dad. It's about his life starting as a kid living on a farm in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. He would then move to Hong Kong. After that he went to thr Philiphines to...