Interview with Mina

Mina Swindell, age 70, mother and immigrant. questions include proudest and worst moments in life, memories, etc

New Immigrant

Mother discusses what it is like to be an immigrant from Iraq.

David Oke Interview

Recording of David Oke and how his experience has been here in the U.S. coming from Nigeria.

Ivonne Diaz and Sofía Avant-Mier

Colleagues Ivonne Diaz (35) and Sofía Aviant-Mier (22) discuss their experiences as Mexican-Americans in the United States, the political advocacy work they do with the nonprofit Texas Rising, and how they attempt to create work-life boundaries and advocate for themselves.

From Jamaica to The USA

I interviewed my Mom, Laurene, on her thoughts on immigrating from Jaimiaca to America as well as her thoughts on both countries.

From Wuxi to the Pacific Northwest

Marie Baraldi, 36, interviews her husband Ralph Hua, 40. Ralph reflects on growing up in China (please note, the story about his dog in the beginning might be disturbing to listeners) and his August 2022 diagnosis with ALS.

Interview with Carmen Iglesias
December 26, 2022 App Interview

Carmen Iglesias was born in a town run by a Boston Sugarmill company in Cuba. Today we interview my grandmother about her time as a citizen in Cuba. We get to hear first hand experience about how Cuba was like...

Leaving family for a new opportunity

Esmeralda Bedolla, a 38 year old mother of three, shares her experience of moving from Mexico to the US with only her husband to accompany her. she tells us her difficulties in raising her first child, who was barely a...