David Basoco and Monique Sandoval

David Basoco (78) shares stories with his daughter, Monique Sandoval (35), about his life growing up in the valley in Yuma, the blind date that led to his 54 year marriage, and how he has developed his strong faith in...

Joanne Goodrich and Gerhart Goodrich

Husband and wife, Gerhart "Gary" Goodrich (83) and Joanne Goodrich (81), tell the story of how they met on a blind date and got married shortly afterwards in Yuma, AZ. They talk about their life together, becoming parents, traveling, and...

An Interview with my Grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa William Parks. He is originally from Kansas and was a public defender in Chicago, IL. He also joined the military. We discussed his life and impact on the world and also talked about his love, the...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

-Blind date -Father died, newborn baby -Happy, and excited -Beyond proud of me -Misses father, who passed away; still has mother, and is happy with her -Went on a date at the movies, then a pizza parlor -Childhood was happy,...

The great Thanksgiving listen

Grew up with not much. Wish to have been a braver child. Meet my husband on a blind date. I love Christmas because everyone comes together and there isn't much to stress about.

The Wisdom of Grandma May

This interview was a very powerful interview with my grandma about her life. I learned that she had a bunch of interesting jobs that I had no idea about. She worked hard throughout her life and got everything she wanted...

Ronald Remp is interviewed by his grandaughter, Taylor Remp, about his time in the military and childhood

I interviewed Ronald Remp about his life back when. It was taken in St.Claireville, Ohio. He shares stories about his he met his wife, about some nicknames he has gotten, and his experience in the military

Sociology 130 Interview

Me and Caroline disgusted her life from early childhood to her wedding day to current day to see what her goals are and have been. We discussed how things don’t go as you plan them. I wanted to know what...

Jane Clemmer shares about her childhood, love of her life, motherhood, and words of wisdom for future generations.

Jane Clemmer shares about being the only girl growing up, blind dates that turn into life long marriages, and the importance of family and friends. Stories about her children and grandchild are not only meaningful, but delightful.