Interview with Ms Donna

Dance studio owner, Ms Donna, discusses her experiences of being a female business owner.

Interview w/ Jessica

For her internship, Kalyana interviews her mentor, Jessica, about her journey to becoming an aerial arts business owner, all the challenges she’s encountered along the way, and the life lessons she’s learned through pursuing what she genuinely enjoys in her...

Liliane Lemani and Emeliana Salama

Friends Liliane Lemani (38) and Emiliana Salama (51) talk about their interests in starting businesses in the United States, and reflect on their experiences selling goods and materials while they were at a refugee camp in Namibia.

Interview surrounding Covid with Dad

Asking my dad about his experience with covid and how it has affected his relationships/business

Ethan Yim and his grandmother Jeong Yim talk about her experiences in Korea, America, and her immigration between.

On April 2021, Ethan (19) interviewed his grandmother (85) in her living room, in Irvine, California. She discusses her life experiences, especially those pertaining to life in Korea, immigration, and life in the United States.

John talks about the Air Grilles business

Ima interviews her Grandad about the business he created in 1979 which operated with great success for 37 years

Core Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive and modern solution that brings your processes together including finance, operations, sales and marketing.

Coronavirus/ Life Interview part 1

I spoke to my mom about her time during the pandemic and her life beforehand. She shared about her business and how the pandemic has affected it. She then shared about how she feels accomplished because of how long she...

Advantages Of Internet Franchise Businesses For Sale

Looking for home based businesses for sale? Existing successful franchise business in Pakistan offer numerous benefits, like an established reputation and a proven system. Hence, operating it successfully is not as hard as starting a new business from scratch. Having...