Unique Baby Gifts of 2021

The good news is, it isn't impossible. As puzzling as young people these days can seem, particular things will certainly constantly be a treat. Be it for birthdays, holidays, or a simple 'I like you,' there's an entire series of...

Food Elder Interview

For this interview, I talked to my mom about dumplings. We discuss how they are made, where she learned the recipe, memories associated with learning the recipe, and more.

Nonie and Hayden

I talked with my grandmother for my interview. In this interview, I asked her to tell me some stories of my mom and her three brothers growing up in Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother then told me many stories of...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I interviewed my Aunt, Patricia Williams, discussing the society today and talking about her own life as well.

Joseph and Gloria Lyons: Christmas Memories

Joe (92) and Gloria (94) Lyons talk about Christmas memories with their daughters, Kathy and Chris. Mom was very nervous and had the giggles; Dad loves the spotlight.

White Christmas interview

Gram said she was 3 when she watched this in the theatre but I’m pretty sure she was pulling my leg and she was 23 when this came out

Xmas interview 1

Tried to ask her a question from the book

Christmas questions

Christmas related stuff, how they felt about it, what happened, etc.