Interview with uncle jr

We were mainly talking about school and people who have impacted my uncle a lot.

All About Beth Harris

Beth Harris(36) talks to Miyah Winter(14) about her childhood and what growing up in a Guyanese home made her into.

Yanelli Ibarra and Vanesa Martinez, talked about how she came to be the person she is today.

Yanelli Ibarra (15) interviewed her older sister Vanesa Martinez (24) on the experiences she thinks made her the person she is today. What adversitys she had to overcome and how those experiences made her stronger and more wise as a...

Emma Tay and Aye Win
September 16, 2021 App Interview

Emma Tay and Aye Win, family friend, discuss his upbringing, revolution, and encounters with the military.

Phillip Davidson Interview Part Two

Phillip Davidson, a bluegrass, old time and country musician, plays a Civil War song, House of the Rising Sun and an original composition, ETSU Blues. Davidson also discusses some of the history behind the music.


Mr finer talks about college and how it has impacted his life

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