The Impact of Television in a Changing World

This is an interview with my dad about how television impacts society and his life specifically, as well as how he has seen television change

Clemens Work and Asmaa Albukaie

Friends and colleagues Clemens "Clem" Work (75) and Asmaa Abukaie (37) discuss Asmaa's upbringing in Damascus, Syria before the outbreak of war in 2011. The two share memories of supporting other immigrant and refugee families in Montana and Idaho. Asmaa...

Softball autoethnography

In this audio recording kevin talked a little about his personal experience with softball, some misconceptions about the game, what a typical tournament, practice and softball environment looks like, and so much more

My mother’s journey to the United States

The firsthand story of my mother shifting her life from a third world country to working hard and beginning a new life

Nisha and Puja Patel (reuploaded)

Today, I (Nisha, 19) spoke to my sister-in-law Puja (31) about her life experiences and how growing up in a traditional Indian household has impacted many decisions. She defied the norms of our Indian community in the past by running...

SPAN 277 Community Interview with Leidiana Delgado

I interviewed college student Leidiana Delgado about her Cuban heritage, her community, and her experience during COVID-19.