Keith DeMarco(Dad)

I sit down with my dad and ask him about life.

Talking Technology with my Dad- Justin Matthews

I interview my Dad, Johnny Matthews, about his experience with technology!

"The surprise for me turns out to be a real 'feel good moment.' "

Elliot Koidin (82) talks with his daughter, Michelle Koidin Jaffee (48), about all the wonderful surprises he has pulled off on her over the years, including the biggest one -- during the pandemic.

Becoming the person that I am

My dad is a hard-working person, calm, intelligent and open to new experiences, I saw him treat others with kindness and without fear, so I decided to interview him to know the story behind him.

On The Spot

In the interview, my dad and I were talking about his childhood. We also brought up jokes, memories, and lessons he has to offer.