Interviewing my Mother

Interviewed my mother about Family Heritage, our grandparents, growing up and school, Love, working, and Religion. I also interviewed her about many other things!

Grandpa Tweets

Austin Stern interviews his grandfather Donald Scotten. They talk about his childhood life to going into the military and being a father and grandfather today. Donald also shares a little about the technology today and about his regrets in life.

Frederick Landry talks with his mother, Rosalee Landry, and she shares memories of her parents, family and her children.

Rosalee Landry, at age 74, shares memories of her childhood, dealing with the death of a spouse due to war, becoming a Baha’i, remarrying her now husband and having three children.

A Life Like Ours

Me and my family talked about everything. Ourselves growing up, where we are from, what we did growing up. Our favorites like television shows, music, and movies. We talked about memories, mainly happy memories because we’re cryers. At least, me...

The Story of Kadiatu Sheriff

Kadiatu Sheriff, my mother, gives me a look into her struggle in Africa, her move to the U.S., and how she adjusted to the American lifestyle.

The Moving Train

This is an interview for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018. Myself, Alia Yannone, interview my grandmother, Judy Smith in Brigantine, New Jersey on November 22, 2018. We discuss how my grandma grew up and what she has experienced over her...

What Music Taught Me About Family

My father, Tommy Carter, has lived and breathed music his whole life. But what has life on the road really taught him? Was touring really what he expected? Through this interview, I discovered how living life on the road teaches...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- My Nana

This is my 97 year old great-grandmother, Nana. She is such a fun spirit and I’m so glad I got to interview her. I do wish this was when we were together, but it still happened. :)