Grandfathers football career

My Dad shares his father’s life as a college football player and his coaching career.

Waffle House

My best friend Grayson tells us a little about his life


Andrew goes through the life of a high school student

Interview with dad

I talked about my dad’s life and what he enjoys most. I chose to interview him today because I love him so much and look up to him.

First interview

Michael experience with leadership and role modes.

Children and Music and Advice, Oh my!

My dad talked about growing up and how I acted when I was little. He gave advice about raising children and going back to college. My brother also decided to join in once in a while.

Interview with my dad

I chose to interview my dad because I knew a little bit previously about his childhood, and I knew he liked talking about it. He had a very interesting and filled childhood so I thought of him as a great...