Ebby Barber: February 7, 2021

I interviewed my sister Ebby about her life philosophy and how she likes to live her daily life.

Mommies Past

We talked about my mother’s past and how her life is now.

Storyboard Covid Interview

I sat down and talked with my mom about advice she has for me and the pandemic’s effect. She had a lot to say about finding happiness in life. My mom is a firm believer in making your own decisions...


This is the best interview you will ever listen to in your life!

Interview with my grandpa

During this interview I asked my grandpa (Baba) personal questions about family, mistakes, regrets, religion, and other interesting things.

Christmas Day

interviewing my grandma on christmas

Kathrine Lindsay and Samantha Makuch

Kate Lindsay (16) asks a family friend (and her first grade teacher) Samantha Makuch about her childhood and happiest parts of her life. 2020-12-20 14:29:49

Interview with my boyfriend through FaceTime

Due the the pandemic, I conducted an interview with my boyfriend over FaceTime. He talked about the important people in his life and the memories he shares. He shares his successes as well as his hard times and has a...