My Interview with my Dad talking about how he raised me and if he should have done anything different.

In this interview, conducted in April 30 2021 in Newport Beach, California, I(19) interview my Dad (49) about his life and what he thinks about his parenting skills. He speaks about how he has questions if he should have raised...

Growing up & School

Today I had interviewed my boyfriend. I had asked him a series of questions about him growing up and about his school.

Diving into a World of Unknowns with Mom.

I ask my mother questions about her life and some of the joys that come from it. I also delve into her background which she has worked hard to climb out of and give me opportunities contrasting to her life.


Coach Goodman and I discussed how she wants to not only be remembered but overall her impact on life and overall joys she finds

The Influence We Have Over Our Own Happiness

This interview encompasses several key words of wisdom in life, particularly in how to promote happiness in one’s own life through how we perceive the people and things around us.

Matt Cook and Jason Clausing
March 29, 2021 App Interview

Matt and Jason talk about all things life and how we have grown over the last few years

Ebby Barber: February 7, 2021

I interviewed my sister Ebby about her life philosophy and how she likes to live her daily life.