Suzy Stewart pandemic
December 13, 2022 App Interview

Noah Bogart and Susie Stuart interview group pertaining to the pandemic.

Autoethnography Podcast ft. Ashley Nguyen

Madison Connolly Hojas interviews Ashley Nguyen about her heartwarming story, Griefs and Beliefs, a story about the importance of being there for your family through tough times, regardless of your different personal beliefs.

Samuel and Karen

Samuel talks with Karen about her thoughts and stories on her time in high school.

High School 1947
December 12, 2022 App Interview

high school, activities and classmate

"Listen Up!" Autoethnography

Aimery Dreux (14) interviews his sister, Justine Dreux (16) about her experiences being ASB Leadership President as a woman.

My Mother Lisa Scheibe's Reflection of Growing up in the 80s

Brooke Scheibe: 2022-11-29 16:01:13 Brooke Scheibe interviews her mother, Lisa Scheibe, in regards to life during a very different decade, growing up with a single mother, and her high school experiences. During the Interview Lisa is also able to reflect...

Arrogance and Vietnam

David Sylvester (my grandpa is in his seventies and reflects on his formative high school and college years. He discusses when he marries his wife (my grandma), and his experiences throughout high school and college. The Vietnam War and the...