Kaitlyn Calland and Joe Calabrese

Joe Calabrese talks with his great-niece Kaitlyn Calland about his past jobs and education and some lessons that he has to share.

My Grandfather’s Life Stories

This interview is private.

Grandma’s life and experiences

Caleb (13) interviews his Grandmother (75) and asks about her life and experiences. This interview was conducted over Zoom, so the audio quality for my Grandmother may not be the best.

Life Lessons interview

I interviewed my mom and asked her about questions I was interested in hearing her answers and opinions.

Interviewing my grandpa
December 1, 2020 App Interview

the questions were not in order because i didn’t use them through out. my grandpa immigrated to america in august because his family lived in hawaii. he talks about some experiences living in america, why he doesn’t miss living in...

Interview with mom

I asked my mom a variety of questions ranging from role models, to jobs, to favorite holidays