Interview with My Dad About His Life

In this interview, my dad talks about his life, tells anecdotal stories, and gives great advice. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it!

Peter and Leo Fontneau 1946-1964

Leo Fontneau talks with his grandpa, Peter Fontneau, about his childhood growing up in Winchester Mass. and memories of the life of his father and grandmother. Other topics include, the US Coast Guard and the Cold War.

Brian Scott-Smith talks with 92 year-old Norwich, Connecticut native – Tom LaFreniere – about his extraordinary life.

British journalist Brian Scott-Smith talks with 92 year-old Tom LaFreniere, a Norwich, Connecticut, native about his life in the military, his career as a firefighter that almost lost him his life and flying a Russian MIG Fighter jet in his...

Interview with my grandma (Halmony)

My grandma tells me about her childhood and coming to America where she raised three kids as a single mother

Major Events of the Cold War – A Discussion with my Grandma

Connor Fogarty (16) talks with his grandmother Alice Van Lew (81) about her first-hand accounts of major events in the Cold War. Talking points include the Korean and Vietnam wars, the space race, the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK's assassination, and...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

My Grandpa and I elaborated and talked further into my grandpa’s life, what’s going on, and politics as of past and present.

Howard Greene

Madeline Sisk talks with her grandfather for the second time about his history.

Harris hayes
December 10, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed Harris Hayes

Great Grandpa Barclay Interview

Great granddaughter interviews Great Grandpa Barclay. Born in 1931, during the Great Depression, in Evansville Indiana. Question about childhood, active military duty, locations, and time travel.