Nancy Rowsey and Kent Anderson

One Small Step conversation partners Nancy Rowsey (64) and Kent Anderson (78) discuss their significantly different political views, their fears for our country, and find common ground around their lived experiences.

Deborah DiazGranados and Blair Grossman

Deborah "Debbie" DiazGranados (48) and One Small Step partner Blair Grossman (59) discuss religion, community, and their lived experiences of exclusion.

Bryce Hayes-TLU SID

Bryce Hayes is one of the youngest Sports Information and Marketing Directors in the entire country, who currently is working at Texas Lutheran University down in Seguin Tx. We discussed topics such as his upbringing from Memphis, starting his own...

Alondra "Alo" Mendoza and Brianna Cooper

Friends Alondra “Alo” Mendoza (22) and Brianna Cooper (20) talk about their experiences, perspectives, and opinions on COVID-19, social media, concert culture, influencers, the fashion industry, weight, tattoos, and zombie noises.

Rishi Ray and Chris Criscione

Rishi Ray (19) and One Small Step partner Chris Criscione (59) share their experiences with political division and their belief that people have more in common than they often think.

Tyler Edwards and Lorena Edwards

Spouses, Lorena “Lori” Edwards (43) and Tyler Edwards (41), discuss family dynamics and their experience being in the public eye because of their daughter’s identity.

Our Eyes Have Seen (Episode IV: Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

Part I: A multigenerational conversation about the events in history that we witnessed and how they affected us. We talk about culture, war, television, media, historical influences, points of view and legacy. Part II: Uploaded separately as Teacher Talk -...