Conversation With Great Granny About Appreciation

I discussed with my great granny, who has been the kindest to her, her happiest moments and someone who influenced her life.

Brenda Escalona: Growing into being a mother.

Marcela Maya interviews her mother, Brenda Escalona, about what her life has been over the years and how her family and kids have changed her life.

Talking to My Mom, Struggles and Challenges

In this interview, I, Christina Einig, will be talking to my mother, Nga Luong, about growing up and challenges she has faced, and how that has made her the person and mother she is.

The Evolution of Media From A Stem’s Point of View by Kale’a Perry

Hello! My name is Kale’a Perry (18). In this episode of “Kale’a’s Dozen”, we speak to Ms. Diane Perry (my mother), a Penn State graduate who majored in industrial engineering, gives her perspective on media and cultural development over the...