The Power of Black Educators

Malaki is a 4th year student here at the University Of Akron, graduating this spring with his Bachelor’s degree in Language Arts & Social Studies. Malaki talks about his journey about his experience, and goes into extent detail in regards...

Teacher Efficacy

An interview about teacher efficacy from a teacher’s perspective.

Life as a College Student

Hannah Williams, is an 18 year old student at TCC. She is one of my classmates. This interview covers some topics that include: college experience, career choices, and personal life.

Environmental Factors Contributing to the School to Prison Pipeline

My name is Heather Ashton and I am joined by Dr. Jennifer Ashton, an associate professor in the SUNY system who specializes in disability studies and inclusive education. Today we will be discussing environmental factors related to the school-to-prison pipeline....

Raeid Ebrahim and Lily Brame

[Recorded: Friday, July 21, 2023] This One Small Step conversation was recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia as part of the Sorensen Institute’s summer High School Leaders Program in 2023. Raeid Ebrahim (18) is from Fauquier County and Lily Brame (17) is...

Thanksgiving Interview With My Uncle
November 24, 2023 App Interview

My name is Emily Ta and I am interviewing my uncle, Rod Faccio. My uncle had a wild childhood and a teacher who deeply inspired him. Through years of experience, he has learned the importance of hard work and perseverance.