Discrediting Campus Police Officers in Educational Spaces

In this podcast I briefly highlight the ineffective role of campus police in educational spaces and their shift from safety to intimidation tactics.

Katie Willet – MPHS IB Coordinator

We discussed the IB program and how having taught abroad gives a different perspective on the US education system.

Historia de Gloria y su tiempo en un pais nuevo

Today we spoke about her story in coming from Mexico to living a new life in the United States. We go in depth about her experience and her families experience.

“Gender Discrimination in Education” with Ms. Coleman

Listen with us as we speak with English teacher, Ms.Coleman, about gender discrimination from a female teacher/educator standpoint.

Educational Pressures with Kyle White

Kyle White talks about how the education system has changed since he was a teen

Kid’s Today

Interviewing an advocate for struggling students and seeking answers on the educational system: how it varies from the past as well as determining strategies and tools to implement that will help students today with hardship and trauma.

Parent Interview

I interviewed my mother, who is a teacher, and asked her various questions about life and her teaching experience thus far.


The importance of being able to speak and listen. These things could be learned from one important class.

Dr Adea Kelly

An interview with Dr Adea Kelly on her goals and motivation.