Educational Inequities

During this interview, the interviewee discussed her experience going to private schools, being a woman in business, and being in a sorority. She describes how there is work to be done in order to reduce the inequities in each of...

"Life is a little easier when who(ever) is teaching you looks like you". Mona Meddin on WABE 2003.

Interview with Mona Meddin (PHD Mathematics at Georgia Tech) in 2003 on the 50th anniversary of Georgia Tech's first female students on campus. Interview by Ted Vegodsky for WABE.

Top 6 Important Tips to Write a Plagiarism Free Essay

Plagiarism is a confusing concept concerning academic writing. It means that a student steal or borrow another person's ideas without their knowledge. Regardless, now and again, students plagiarize the content unintentionally without knowing it. The risk of plagiarism increases when...

Students of Color

Students of color and how society forces people to assimilate at a young age. How education shapes ones mindset.

Community, Education, and State Pride

I interviewed my former high school English teacher, Mrs. Jessica Salfia, about her views on community during COVID-19, the educational system, and her passion for her state.

A Conversation about COVID-19 and Education: A Younger Perspective

Anjali Patel (19) talks with her sister (14) about living through the COVID-19 pandemic and how her life and school has changed, giving insight from a younger perspective.

How has the coronavirus pandemic influenced University Students: an introspective look through the lens of a VCU Student

The discussion pertained to how universities are handling the coronavirus pandemic and how students are being handled as a result.

The Life of a Teacher During COVID-19

An interview with a first year 5th grade teacher, and how COVID-19 has affected her day to day life.