Dhviti Patel and Nevy Patel

Dhviti Patel (18) talks with her older sister, Nevy Patel (28), about her life journey. They converse over Nevy’s childhood and taking pride in her Indian culture, the importance of maintaining family relationships and friendships, her college life, and her...

A chat with Mr. Jody Stutt on Concerts, by Jackson Amirshahi

We discussed concerts, Mr. Jody’s favorites, and where music has changed, predicting what the future holds for concerts.

Mrs. Ravibala Shenoy

A conversation between Ravibala Shenoy and Leonardo Sabate. Many great anecdotes about Ravibala's life.

The Beatles, Music, and Mass Media Through the Decades with Sarah Burroughs and Chip Carter

Sarah Burroughs: 2020-11-21 22:44:47 An interview with Journalism teacher Chip Carter by former student Sarah Burroughs in which they discuss the influence and impact of the Beatles on the music industry and on music as a form of mass communication,...

John Lee & Quinn Riddle

Longtime friends, John (41) and Quinn (40), sit to talk about their time in the Peace Corps. How the Peace Corps changed them and the friendships and gifts they received from their time in service.

Cultural Diversity

Hello! My name is Alyssa Maglione and I interviewed my mother Laurie Maglione. This was my first ever podcast/interview and I think it went pretty good! We discussed the cultural diversities between people in American and people in Lebanon