Interview with my Mom

I interviewed my mom about her experience growing up and what obstacles she had to overcome both as a child and as an adult.

Me and mama

Me and my mama talked about her life growing up without a mother figure and how it effected her with me and her relationship and my mom and dads relationship and if life right now is how she always imagined...

Kathleen Doyle speaks about her first marriage and her experiences in an unhealthy relationship.

As a 52 year old woman, Kathleen speaks with her youngest child about her first marriage and how her life has changed since her divorce. She discusses her struggles, as well as the lessons that she has learned along the...

My Grandma’s Life

I asked my grandma about what her childhood was like. We also discussed her divorce and life as a single mother.

Barrett brown And her grandma Charlie Lennon talking about her life living in California and in North Carolina.

In this interview, on November 26 2020 in The bay area in California, Barrett Brown age (13) Will be talking to her grandma Charlie Lennon age (83) talking about her life moving states, going to college, her childhood, and being...

A Conversation With My Grandparents on Life, Love, and Loss

At 83 and 87, my grandparents have experienced so much: marriage, divorce, remarriage (to each other again), the suicide of their son, and now a global pandemic.

Gaining custody of kids as a single dad and the implications that came with.

Today I interviewed Dan Mann about his experience with divorce as a male. He has the insight that many couples going through divorce should hear as he gained custody of two out of the four children.

Learning about a grandparent’s history.

In this interview, I talked with my nana about her upbringing, her parents, and her life growing up. We also talked about family, friends and, jobs.

Love/Marriage with Mackenzie

Here we have my friend Kenzie joining me to talk about things from love, marriage, virginity, sexism, and more.