Reflections and Gratitude with Grandma

I have had many wonderful conversations with my grandma in the past and I thought I'd take this Thanksgiving to record one of those special moments. As she has said herself, it isn't often she is vulnerable, but today I...

Hailey Tyacke interviews her Grandfather Tom McGuire

My grandpa and I talked about how he grew up and special moments in his life. We talked about family careers, memories, and stories. I asked him a total of 13 questions and each answer took about minute. I’m glad...

Ben Heath and Christina Mowery

Ben Heath: 2020-11-23 21:50:12 We talked about her childhood, and growing up, and the current situation that were all facing.


Today I interviewed my grandparents about parts of their lives.

A discussion with my Abuela y Abuela
November 21, 2020 App Interview

I ask my grandparents deep questions about their life in order to gain their perspective

Interview with my amazing grandmother <3

I asked one of the most important people in my life all about her childhood, accomplishments, and hopes.