Service Learning

The intricacies of human life and the intricacy of my mother’s life.

Isaac Parsons and Jessie Chavez

We talked about the history of my mother's side of the family from the oldest and wisest living member of the family.


Today, my aunt and I talked about the space wars in the 1960’s, the Berlin Wall and JFK assassination

The Evolution of Media From A Stem’s Point of View by Kale’a Perry

Hello! My name is Kale’a Perry (18). In this episode of “Kale’a’s Dozen”, we speak to Ms. Diane Perry (my mother), a Penn State graduate who majored in industrial engineering, gives her perspective on media and cultural development over the...

Interviewing my mom about her life and when she had her kids

My mom talks about her life experiences and how she met my dad and what happen when me and my sisters were a baby