Finding Your Voice Though Change

My Mom Came form China to America without knowing anyone or English. She explains her journey of being seen as different and how she learned to Speak up and stay strong.

Emily Zhivotovski and Ella Zhivotovski

Emily Zhivotovski (18) talks with her mom, Ella Zhivotovski (52) about immigrating to America and the many takeaways she has learned from childhood into adulthood. The pair discuss the lessons we can take away from those we meet and how...

Pedro valerio

A son 16 years of age inteviewcs his dad. Topics covered in the interview are primarily what it was like for the father to immigrate to the U.S. and difficulties he faced whilst immigrating.

Oyinkansola Fasasi and Olajumoke Dada

Oyinkansola Fasasi: 2020-11-28 16:43:52 Olajumoke Dada (51) talks with her niece, Oyinkansola Fasasi (19) about her childhood, education, career, and journey in life, as a wife, mother, and pastor.

An Immigrant’s View on Life
November 28, 2020 App Interview

My dad talks about immigrating to the US and his life there. He talks about his family as well.

Talking to My Mom, Struggles and Success

In this interview, I, Christina Einig, will be talking to my mother, Nga Luong, about growing up and challenges she has faced, and how that has made her the person she is.

Interviewing my Mom about her immigration story

I asked her about her journey and her life with coming to america