Alexis Sampson and Svetlana, Immigrating from Russia

Alexis Sampson talks to her mom Svetlana about her life growing up in Russia and immigrating to the United States. (She's currently in the hospital, sorry about the inconvenience)

Story of a young immigrant in U.S
December 10, 2020 App Interview

Gia Tran is a young girl recent move to the U.S for less than 3 years. She has a very tough transition since the culture different and the language barrier. However, she still find her way to do music in...

What don't we know about Trump's family separation policy?

In the Fall of 2017 -- about seven months before it was widely reported by the media -- a quiet pilot program began in El Paso to separate 'older' children from their parents at the Border. Once it became public,...

An Interview of Arvind Patel by Keith Lehman: Part 1

Arvind Patel narrates his life as an adult, discussing his journey to the United States and how he got started here.

Iris Zhorov and Alexandra Zanin-Zhorov

Iris Zhorov (18) talks with her mother Alexandra Zanin- Zhorov (42) about her immigration stories, her academic and scientific career, and the difficulties she faced as a woman in science.

Jennifer Shapiro and Gennadiy Shapiro

Jennifer Shapiro (18) talks with her father, Gennadiy Shapiro (45) about his childhood in Khazakstan, his journey migrating to America, and his experience building a life from scratch in a new country.

Anjali Patel and Mona Patel

Anjali Patel (18) interviews her mother Mona Patel (41). Anjali asked Mona about her childhood in India and differences between her life then and her life when she came to the United States. They also discussed Mona's college years, happy...