Spanish Final

Andrea (18) and Alice (16) discuss about high school and college

Recording – 05-31-2024 20:52:16

Dianna (16) and Claudia (38) talk about Claudia’s life growing up in Mexico and her experiences.

Service Learning – 05/27/2024

Cousins Samantha (16) and Lorena (27) sit down for an interview about life.

Sara Downin interview

Jeremy interview Sara about her choice to go back to school.

WY students Reflect on their Experiences in High School

WY Students Britney D and Aster B take time to reflect on experiences in Whitney Young and how it has affected them in their high school journey.

Growing Up in a Small Town in Iowa

Timothy Juhlin (dad) and Ava Juhlin (his daughter) discuss growing up in a small town in Iowa and how he has changed over the years.

Kim Spitzmiller and Samuel Orlando

[Recorded: Thursday, April 4, 2024] Kim Spitzmiller (62) from Charlottesville, VA and Samuel Orlando (22) from Charlottesville, VA spent a lot of time discussing the influential people in their lives and how they've learned from others and life experiences. They...