Alexander Osmena’s interview with his older sister.

In this interview, we talked about her early life before I was born, and her school experiences that lead to her early adulthood.

Darean Minton and her brother, Ethan Minton, talk about what its like to be a teenager in 2021.

In this interview, on November 23rd 2021, Ethan Minton describes what it's like to be a teenager in the year 2021. New house, new school, new sibling, new responsibilities. He informs us of the latest trends, and crazes for his...

Interview with my mother and my sister helping

This is an interview with my mom and my sister who was the translator we talked about stories that my mother went through and my sister would translate

Brother and Sister interview

I Alicia Hall, interview my 18 year old brother Cordan Hall and ask him a rarity if questions about life

A time with my sister to remember about the most of life.

We were talking about was that I just asking question I have wanted to my sister and she would answer it. Later on we would have fun and talk about all they we wanted to say as it was a...

A talk with Angela

in this interview we talk about her childhood, grandparents and a few of her favorite memories

Meaningful Questions with Eileen DaSilva

We spoke on the legacy of Eileen DaSilva, and the people that she is most grateful for in her life. We also spoke on her hopes for me and our relationship together.

Interviewing my sister

I sit down with my sister and we talk about her childhood. She talked all about childhood homes, school, and family.