John Arthur and Mrs. Kathy Anderson

John Arthur (38) is the 2021 Utah Teacher of the Year and one of four National Teacher of the Year Finalists. John talks with Mrs. Kathy Anderson (73), his 9th grade English teacher, about how she inspired him to become...

Education Worksheet

Download the worksheet of haroof e tahaji worksheet for your kids and learn it easily. Free educational worksheets for pre k school students. link: Download the worksheet of haroof e tahaji worksheet for your kids and learn it easily. Free...

Judith Squires Sconyers and Jacob Sconyers

Jacob Sconyers (41) interviews his mother, Judith "Judy" Sconyers (76), about her adventures and the reasons why she decided to take him traveling instead of having him join school sports.

Jonathan Chu and Carol Berkin

Jonathan Chu (75) shares a conversation with Carol Berkin (78) about the ways in which academia led to a form of self fulfillment.

Ann Jordan and Yo Azama
November 23, 2020 App Interview

Yo Azama: 2020-11-23 19:21:14 Yo Azama (51) talks to his friend and mentor, Ann Jordan (63), about her mother Tei Dacus (97) who moved to the US to pursue her dream in 1950's and began her career as an educator.

Daniel Cella and Danielle Proscia reminisce.

Dan Cella (22) talks to his old highschool english teacher Danielle Proscia about what she did before she became a teacher. What it was like teaching at the highschool Dan attended, Sayreville War Memorial. And also about what she went...

Anthony Fountain and Alissa Burse

Alissa Burse (48) is interviewed by her father, Anthony "Tony" Fountain [no age given], about her career in education and how she is adjusting to life as a teacher during COVID.

A Gypsy’s Life

This interview takes a dive into the life of my mom, a hard-working English teacher who has had quite the life. You'll learn about someone who has had a ton of turns in her life, moved all over the place,...