Madelaine’s life part 1

A brief interview with Madelaine (my grandmother) regarding the first 18 years of her life.

Talking with Yaya

Talking with Yaya about her memories of growing up during the Spanish Civil War.

Grandma Sherrie Kaplan

This interview is private.

A little thief a big story

My grandfather introduces his family and childhood growing up as the war broke out and tore his family apart.

Fred & Phyllis Herschelman: An interview with my wife's grandparents. Giving the gift of cherished memories for her birthday.

Joe sits down with Fred & Phyllis Herschelman. Fred served our country in the U.S. airforce for various wars. Phyllis is the loving matriarch of a loving family in Central, Illinois.

Anthro Interview

Life as an Eritrean Immigrant in the states

Interviewing My Dad About the Vietnam War

The story is about life of my dad during and after the Vietnam war and how many families including his faced many financial difficulties. However, after such endurance and struggles life eventually improved as sanctions got repealed and the financial...

The American Dream – Theo Wasden and Miriam Wasden

My Grandmother describing her parents and her own experience chasing the American Dream

Veteran Interview Project

Derek Mcgee (44) talks with Ruthy Flint (15) and Eliza Smith (16) about his time in serving in the infantry in the marine corps for th the Iraq war.