Interview 123

My mom said she wanted me to be successful enough to give my children a comfortable life. She would hate to have me or my children have to get up at 4 in the morning to break their back.  She...

Melissa Del-Colle and Lori Motola

Melissa talked about discovering who she *really is later in life, shifting her priorities to exclude the expectations of others, the correlation between value and joy and the role higher education plays in our ability or inability to figure out...

Isa and Gabriel Castañeda

Isa Ayala talks to her grandpa, Gabriel Castañeda, about his childhood in México and his path to becoming a teacher.

Ted Mornel and Allie Fischgrund Part 9

In this final segment, Ted speaks more about his career and relationships.

Allie Fischgurnd and Ted Mornel Part 8

In this recording, Ted talks to Allie about meeting his wife, abortion, and sexuality.

Kimberly Malinowski & Scott Acord

Kimberly worked as a pediatric nurse during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020, subsequently receiving an award as "a nursing hero of our time." She worked tirelessly to get PPE and scale up operations.