Talkin with dad

This was interview was a interview with Hake Oxendine And his father John. About his and his mothers life and family.

Lorraine and Kayla Daignault

This was an interview with mom about her life and lessons she learned.

Oral History

Interviewing my grandmother to see what her pass life was like.

Cara Dakin talking about her and her families history and past

This interview is private.

Food Elder Interview

For this interview, I talked to my mom about dumplings. We discuss how they are made, where she learned the recipe, memories associated with learning the recipe, and more.

Family and Love in Brooklyn

Grandma Edith talks about her childhood in Brooklyn in 1950s and her reflections on her family.


We mainly talk about my mom life. Also a couple of her experiences.

My Grandmother Mira and her History

In this interview me and my grandmother Mira talk about her experiences in her home country, as well as learn about my grandmother's family I didn't really know about.