Interview with my dad, Jesse Pennington

In this conversation we talked about al sorts of topics, ranging from el Molino’s environment, sports, social activities and more.

John Arthur and Mrs. Kathy Anderson

John Arthur (38) is the 2021 Utah Teacher of the Year and one of four National Teacher of the Year Finalists. John talks with Mrs. Kathy Anderson (73), his 9th grade English teacher, about how she inspired him to become...

Daniel Cella and Danielle Proscia reminisce.

Dan Cella (22) talks to his old highschool english teacher Danielle Proscia about what she did before she became a teacher. What it was like teaching at the highschool Dan attended, Sayreville War Memorial. And also about what she went...

Community, Education, and State Pride

I interviewed my former high school English teacher, Mrs. Jessica Salfia, about her views on community during COVID-19, the educational system, and her passion for her state.