Interview with Zeek

A conversation with my co worker Zeek.

History class

I did an interview with my friend who I plan to spend most of my life with.

The Best Unlikely Friendship

Megan Farrell (23) interviews Daniela Garnica (23) one of her closest friends for the past 4 years, who is also a DACA recipient, about how her status affects friendship, love, and her college experience.

Me and my Dad!

Steven and Matthew Bottone share the importance of parenting and music, and how they help shape our lives.

Bobbie Flanders and Cindy Domasky

Cindy Domasky: 2020-11-25 20:48:46 Friends - Bobby reads several pieces she wrote in a class we attended, memories of childhood, her dog Bob, nature, a mean rooster, her family

Kristi Hager and Loraine Bond talk about the exhibition "Equal: A Work in Progress" at the Missoula Art Museum.

Kristi Hager (74) and Loraine Bond (68) talk how their friendship evolved and Loraine's portrait in the exhibition, "Equal: A Work in Progress". They discuss cancer treatment, book groups, protest marches and the Equal Right Amendment.

Laura Snyder and Marlana Rice

Laura Snyder: 2020-11-21 01:49:47 Laura Snyder (47) talks with friend Marlana Rice (72) about how we met in a snowstorm 20 years ago and how our friendship has endured and enriched our lives especially during the pandemic of 2020.

A conversation with Britny Horton

Sitting down with my dear friend, Actor, Britny Horton, as she discusses her journey through college all the while working in the industry. She discusses her proudest moments as a year third year MFA student and some challenging moments.

Compassion 5 Blog

My long-distance friend Artemis and I talk about the past and the future.