Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 9: Two Peas in a Pod

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, talks with Mrs. Deidre Brown Collins, former Debutante (1991) of the Rosa T. Beard Debutante Club.

Jacob Young – Interview with Trudy Young about Communication throughout her lifetime

In this interview, I (Jacob Young) interviewed my Mom (Trudy Young) about how communication has changed in her lifetime. We discussed, communication within education and communication when she was growing up in regard to her parents and family who are...

Grandma Judy

talking with my grandmother about growing up in different countries

Comics in Education

A parent talks about how they feel with comic books in education even with the stereotype in place.

Ameer and Joshua’s talk

This interview focus on school / social life during and after lockdown. I chose this event to interview because I wanted to see if I was the only one that felt that lock down wasn’t that bad. I wanted to...

FSU Educ 5030 Final Project

Interview of 1 superintendent and 2 board members.

Isa and Gabriel Castañeda

Isa Ayala talks to her grandpa, Gabriel Castañeda, about his childhood in México and his path to becoming a teacher.

Sam and Izzy Cai
September 10, 2021 App Interview

Sam Cai (26) talks with his sister, Izzy (16) about coming to America, attending law school, and building a career. 2021-09-10 00:33:04