History Interview

I interviewed my dad for this project. My dad is 40 years old and his name is Jay Robinson he is a manager for the company Townsend which is a branch of nipsco. Some topics that I discussed include what...

Papa’s interview #2
December 9, 2022 App Interview

He explained his childhood, job, love, family and life.

An interview with my Dad

Jade interviewed her dad, Luis, who is 29 years old. The interview was about his work and stuff that he does when he is not at work. This is my dad’s story.

Interview with my mom
November 30, 2022 App Interview

In this video I go over her experiences of what it’s like being a cna. I also asked some questions touching on the difficulties of the job.

interview with mom

Natalie interviewed her mother, Carrie, they talked about the background of Natalie’s middle name and what Carrie is most proudest of in her life.

Betty’s Life
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Betty Mechanic Lambert Thorpe is my 94 year old mother. She talks about her family, move to California, and her past and current hobbies.

Talk with Mom

i interviewed CleAnn Brown who is my Mom. I asked her about her job, hobbies, and childhood.

Healthcare through Brandon keppners eye’s

I interview Brandon keppner as he explain the good and the bad of his life and job through Healthcare.

Interview with grandma Christy

Ava Crile and her grandma Christy talk about Grandma growing up and her first few jobs.Ava is 13 and Christy is 58. Christy is married to Brian Crile and he is 60 years old.

Serious Chairs Interview with Dad

Son asks Dad questions before going back to college for finals and getting a winter job