Restaurant buisness

In this interview, I interview my dad, Mario Boccardi. I ask him questions about his job and what advice he gives to others who want to follow the same path. Take a listen!

Herpel, Joshua (Thanksgiving Interview 11/27/23)

I talked to Rusty Herpel who is 49 years old and he is my dad and we talked about his life and his work.

Brunner, Kate (Thanksgiving interview with my mom)

My mom Dana Boyd talks about her and her job in insurance. She explains how it changed her view on things and why she chose to do it. It also gives you a look on what insurance does for people.

Aubrey Dierking and Christine Gordon Sisk

Aubrey Dierking talks with her Aunt Christine Gordon Sisk about her job at the Illinois Manufacturers Association. Aubrey Dierking: 2023-11-05 20:29:20

Pat Day: Death and Bread of Life

Joayne, 48, interviews her Uncle Patrick, 77, about a death experience that led to the discovery and development of a lifelong hobby and a path of connection and service.

Interview with Stanley Snyder

My interview with my father, Stan Snyder. He is 88 years old and discusses his life his family, his job, as well as other things.

Recording – 10-12-2023 21:04:03

my boyfriend, julien is 17 years old and today for the interview we decided to talk about his job

Interviewing My Dad About Parts of His Life and More
September 11, 2023 App Interview

I interview my dad about parts of his life like what he wanted to be growing up, and about what he wanted his dream life to be. I also asked him about how he would like to be remembered.