Alice Pan and George Sun

Johnny Sun talks with his mom and dad about living in China and moving to the US. This interview is in Chinese.

Tati’s Interview

My grandma, Anna and I discuss her life experiences when she lived in Armenia and today, in the US.

Service Learning Project

Mother and daughter, Brenda (52) and Kaylie Jung (17), discuss their stories.

Parent Interview

Father, Luis (51) discusses his childhood and what growing up in Mexico was like to his daughter, Alondra (16).

Immigration Interview

Abhay (15) and his father, Harish (50), discuss his immigration from India to the US.

Entrevista con Carlos Saavedra

Carlos saavedra es un amigo mío que habla de su experiencia como un immigrante de colombia.

Uncle Filip American History Knowledge

Interviewed my uncle and his general knowledge about American History as an immigrant.

Recording – 04-16-2024 22:15:13

LHP- interview about the New immigration with Delger Tsagaan (mom) 4/16/24 By Melody Ganbat

The New Immigrants (LHP)

Adriana Guerrero talks about her immigration journey to the United States and her experiences in this country.