Elyse Rogers Interview with Derrylyn Gorski

Derrylyn Gorski (74) talks with her grandaughter, Elyse Rogers (19) about her childhood in the Bronx, Changes in Fuel, Food, and political attitudes through her life.

Henry Munsie, Sam Anderson, and John Munsie.

Henry Munsie and Sam Anderson interview John Munsie, Henry's Grandpa, about his experiences in the Vietnam War and his opinions about the war.

Robert Bell and Michael Cooper

Robert Bell: 2024-04-08 21:32:59 Robert Bell (16) talks with his grandfather, Michael Cooper (73) about growing up and life throughout the 1960s.

Inalienable Paradise: Episode 3 (the Tree of Knowledge of Stellar nucleosynthesis)

an episode of my new audio series where i discuss NOUN/S that everybody in the world has access to that have a chance at making their day/life better .... all are welcome to gather and listen ;^D written, hosted and...

Chad Madrid and Aidan Freire

Chad Madrid (police officer and police explorer advisor) talks with his police explorer Aidan Freire, about his life experiences about what got him to become a police officer. From there Madrid talks about his law enforcement career from the police...

Abigail Altman, Alexandra Gallagher, Judy Meikle, and Marjorie Altman

Abigail Altman (16) and Alexandra Gallagher (17) interview Judy Meikle (72) and Marjorie Altman (80) talk about what life was like during the 1960's during their childhood and young adulthood: 2024-04-04 14:26:05