Meet Decoy Carver, Collector, & Tradition-bearer: Gene Marshall

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Gene Marshall, of Forked River, New Jersey. He discusses his passion for decoy collection, his techniques of carving, his craftsmanship of the working decoy, and his mentor in the field, his father, George Marshall. Photographs...

Interview With Grandpa

Gary Hanscom talks with his granddaughter, Stella Hanscom about moments in his life that have had an impact on him.

Race in America

Phillip Kahl talks to his son, Hunter Kahl, about race in America.

Jeff Quattrone of the Library Seed Bank of New Jersey

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Jeff Quattrone of the Library Seed Bank about the Folklife Foodway of Jersey Tomato seeds and their impact. Listeners will learn about history of seed banks, and their impact on community outreach and history.

Friendships in Ministry – Paulist Fr. Bill Edens

Paulist Fr. Bill Edens is an associate pastor at the Cathedral of Saint Andrew in #GrandRapids, MI. In this audio interview, he shares his #vocation story and more with Emanuele Sesta. To see a short video with parts of this...

The peculiarities of security maintainership with Filippo Valsorda

What changes when the projects you maintain are cornerstones of security? Filippo Valsorda elaborates on his experience as a cryptographer, his work in Go, and how his approach to maintainership might be a bit different from the average maintainer.

Paulette Terwilliger shares her family story of surviving the Holocaust with John Eckblad on April 28, 2023

Paulette was born into a Jewish family in 1942 Paris. By the time of her birth, her young mother was alone - her father already in a Nazi prison camp. Now, Paulette Terwilliger and a resident of Fearrington Village, she...

2016 Election

Erick Rubin talks about how the 2016 impacted him and in what ways it impacted him

Interview with Andrew Banquil

Me (Alexander Otis) and Trentton Banquil interview Andy Banquil, the father of Trentton. Andy banquil is a 43 year old resident of Hawaii who has been born and raised on O'ahu. Me and Trentton have asked Andy several questions about...