Huron Valley PACE talks to E L Mc Goy (79)

E.L. McGoy talks about the hard work he's done through his life including chopping cotton, driving a bulldozer, and making tires for trains. He also shared experiences hunting rabbit, deer, and other wildlife. His favorite moments in life included when...

Huron Valley PACE Talks to Carlos Gray-Lion

Carlos Gray-Lion (79) shares his exciting life as a chef and musician, and other accomplishments, including how he wishes to be remembered. 2021-10-25 14:18:59

Hudson Hiranaga and Leighton Hiranaga

Hudson Hiranaga and his grandpa Leighton Hiranaga talk about the development of his grandpa's race and identity and life stories.

"Gina Mondibrown and Steve Mondibrown"

Steve Mondibrown (59) talks with his daughter, Gina Mondibrown (17), about how he got from where he was to where he is now.

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 12: Lessons from HERstory

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, recaps highlights from the Telling HERstory Podcast's first year and shares a few lessons that she has learned from HERstory during this podcasting journey.

Joy Bartholomew and Susan Park: One CERF Executive Director to another

Joy Bartholomew (72) and Susan Park (45) discuss their tenures as Executive Director of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF), previously the Estuarine Research Federation (ERF). Joy was Executive Director from 1992 to 2011, and Susan began in 2016.

Huron Valley PACE Interviews Audrey Hibbard

Audrey Hibbard (86) talks to Gail Anderson (Social Worker-intern) about family and life through the years, including adjusting to changes as she gets older.