CBP's authorities mistreatment to bordercrosser

The security of the United States is essential at any second and any time, we know that there are millions of people crossing everyday. Here at the borderland El Paso, Tx and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, is our daily day lifes,...

Donna Runnels and Jodi Edwards

One Small Step conversation partners Donna Runnels (71) and Jodi Edwards (63) talk about law enforcement and working in prisons, family dynamics and growing up, and the people or events that shaped their beliefs.

1960s Oral History Project with David Perks

Talking with my papa (David Perks) about his experiences in the 1960s and more.

Patricia Rich and Michael Silverberg

Michael and Patricia talk about their good fortune and good life together, after both losing their spouses. Each has a rich family, personal, and professional history that shaped their lives and appreciation for what they have now.

GC- Story Corp Interview

This is the story corp interview of Galilea, and Crystal.

Emily grottano

My name is Emily grottano I interviewed my mom Jessica McIntyre on how life was like raising us without A father figure. In my interview she expressed her emotions and feeling throughout the tough times of raising us alone

From Experimental Psychology to Ministry: Paulist Father Paul Huesing

Paulist Father Paul Huesing says that in his post-graduate job in psychology, he was one of those fortunate people who woke up excited to go to work. But something was missing. That something turned out to be life as a...

Interviewing my Grandma

Barbra Killey(77) talks with her grandson, Knox Weggler(13) about her childhood in Illinois and how it was like being a wife and mom to a husband in the Navy.