Historian Interview with Javier Santoyo and Natalia Santoyo
January 27, 2024 App Interview

My name is Natalia Santoyo, I am interviewing my dad Javier Santoyo who is currently 43. Its January 26, 2024. This is an interview to dig deeper into the history on one persons perspective on tragedys they have lived though/survived....

Mia Yurecko Interviewing Her Abuelo About His Career and Early Life
January 1, 2024 App Interview

Mia Yurecko (14) interviews Mario Garcia, her abuelo (76). They talk about his career, what his childhood was like, and some life lessons that he learned over the years. They also talk about Mia's mother and how Mario met his...

What Does Food Mean to You?

Abigail Casales (18) has a discussion with her mother, America Amorety (49) about the significance food has played in their lives.

Finding Home Away from Home: Candace’s Journey of Living Abroad

Candace Drimmer talks about her decision to move to Peru to create a better life for herself.

Interview With Lala Cabrales

In this interview, I take the opportunity to interview my grandmother an get to know more about her life.

Caitlin Arellano and Nancy Arellano

Caitlin Arellano: 2023-04-29 23:40:21 Nancy Arellano (68) speaks with her granddaughter, Caitlin Arellano (19) about her familial troubles growing up and the lessons they taught her.

Interview with my dear Grandfather Feb 26 2023 10:29 pm

Paloma Gonzalez (16) talks with her grandfather, Hector Jaramillo (73,) about his childhood in Mexico, and the lessons he learned thought his life.

Lawrence Elmgren and Amarilis Gonzalez

Amarilis (83) talks with her grandson, Lawrence Elmgren (15) about her childhood in Cuba, Fidel Castro coming into power, moving to Spain with two children and her husband, moving to the United States as an immigrant, and raising a family...

The Effects of Machismo

The participants in the video include Jessica Reyes (21) and Miguel Lucero (22), friends of Dalia Valdez (21). The main topic of the video is Machismo; Dalia asks a couple of questions related to what kind of Machismo the participants...

The Story of Her

On November 27, 2022 I interviewed my best friend, Anselma Lopez, who grew up very different than myself in Sonora, Mexico. She is 24-years-old and is such a lovable person who has very intriguing stories. We laugh at our wonderful...