Jam Boyden

In this interview, done on January 13, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah, is about Laura Sneddon who is cousins with Julianna Boyden. It tells Laura’s life story from living in Germany and being adopted into a new family. About...

Zia Tahmaseb and her grandmother, Ulla Tahmaseb, talk about growing up as a child in Germany during World War II.

In this interview, conducted in November of 2018 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Zia Tahmaseb (16) interviews her grandmother, Ulla Tahmaseb (82), about what it was like to grow up in Germany during WW2 as a child. We talk about what...

KURT LUGER Kasperlgeschichte

Die berühmte Kasperlgeschichte, die mich und meine Kinder inspiriert und gefesselt hat, soll auch für UR-UR-UR Enkeln lebendig sein:)

Kurt Luger

Mein Vater erzählt über sein Leben. Wie sehr er noch immer seinen in der Kriegsgefangenschaft gestorbenen Vater vermisst.

“I think that this, this is my home”

Within this interview, conducted January 2018 in Boulder Creek, California, Samuel English (17) discusses life and the effects of immigrating to the United States as an independent German citizen with his mother, Andrea Rosa English (49). Mrs. English recollects some...