My Mom's Life and Many Other Things

Me and My Mom, Dan Tran (42) talked about many topics such as moving to the U.S., growing up, her dreams, love, and many other things.

A First-Generation Conversation – My Mother

Sean Ly, 17, talks with his mother, Betty Nguyen (48) about her childhood and immigration to the United States after the Vietnam War.

Dad’s Past

I, Trinh Ho (16) interview my Dad, Khoa Ho, now a 58 year-old male, in which he recalls his childhood during the Vietnam War and the aftermath of communism rule. He illustrates his time in Cambodia as a soldier, his...

Interview with my mom

Eric Hoang (17) talks with his mom, Trinh Hoang (47) about her childhood and life in America. They discuss about her values and what she enjoyed as a kid and how she gives back to her Vietnamese community despite being...

Learning More About my Father

Kiet Lam (49) talks with his daughter, Kathy Lam (18) about his childhood in Vietnam. He touches on personal bases on the lifestyle of Vietnam and the war. He compares what it’s like in Vietnam and here in America.

StoryCorps Connect Nov 29 2022 2:01 am Tri Vo and Sam Ngo
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Me(Tri Vo) and my mom (Sam Ngo) are having a chat on what was her childhood was like.

Lisa Lam and Kim Phuong Nguyen

Lisa Lam (15 year old student) is talking with Kim Phuong Nguyen (her mother) about her experiences as an immigrant.

Growing up in Vietnam is not an easy journey

Interviewing my Mom, Thanh Lam about her childhood memories of growing up. Growing up in a low income family, she felt unhappy seeing her friends at her age having a comfortable life.

Growing up as a farmer in Vietnam

Interviewing my dad, Khoa Nguyen, sharing his childhood memories as a farmer in Vietnam. He felt lucky of being born right after 1976, the year that Vietnam claimed independence. He shared the condition of Vietnam as well as the effect...