Ryan Shannon and Lindsey Shannon talk Education, Life and Inspiration.

Ryan interviews his sister Lindsey where they discuss inspiration, influence and progress as it pertains to education and opportunity in 2020.

A Word with Dr. Robin

In an overdue reunion, Robin Wilson graced me with an hour of her Sunday. She passed down a major portion of my teaching-for-justice toolbox during our time together at Memphis Teacher Residency (2012-2016). Same boss, new area code as her...

Eli Harris and Moifair Chin

Eli Harris interviews Moifair Chin about her experiences as a mediator with the Center for Dialog + Resolution.

How a Mature Student Should Write Sample Book Critiques

Sample book critiques are significant for those students who are involved in the process of literature discussion. Most of the students do not have enough time or opportunities for reading all books listed in the course syllabus. This is why...

Mustafa Shakhpazov and Ibragim Tairov

Mustafa Shakpazov: 2020-07-31 03:42:08 Mustafa Shakhpazov is interviewing his friend/brother talking about his personal life, school, and future goals.

Sydni Stearns

Sydni Stearns, age 20, daughter. Jacki Stearns, age 47, mother. We discussed how the retrieval of music has changed since she was younger and the effect of these changes as well as social media on younger generations.

Eli Harris and Patsy Tyvand

Eli Harris interviews Patsy Tyvand about her experiences as a mediator with the Center for Dialog & Resolution.

"When the elephants fight the grass suffers." Malcolm Bryant and Jennifer Beard Talk About Global Health, Part 2

Malcolm Bryant talks about some of the big picture challenges he sees in the field of global health, ranging from narrow and overly medicalized strategies to reduce maternal and infant mortality to the skewed priorities and short timelines of donors....