Husband military questions

I interviewed my husband. he is 44 yrs old and he talked about his military life.

Arrogance and Vietnam

David Sylvester (my grandpa is in his seventies and reflects on his formative high school and college years. He discusses when he marries his wife (my grandma), and his experiences throughout high school and college. The Vietnam War and the...

interview of Billy Krisvelt
November 28, 2022 App Interview

interview of time overseas before and after

Kendall and Brett's Thanksgiving Interview

I, Kendall Snyder (17), interviewed my father, Brett Snyder (45). We talked about his childhood in Princeton, Missouri and his service in the United States Army.

Interviewing my Grandpa…
November 25, 2022 App Interview

In the interview it stated my grandfathers name which is Ruben and age which is 87, he’s early life, and middle life, how he wants to be remembered.

A Trip Back in Time

In this interview I asked my Grandpa about what life was like for him in the army, in school, and at home.

Robert Timmons-marine\army e4

He thinks people need to think why they join the military.

Zach Borla

He wants you to have a planonce you get out of the military.

Michael Davis interview Vietnam Draft

We talked about my Grandfather serving in the army and where exactly he served