Dad Interview

I asked questions on his early life and his overall life/wisdom.

Oral history interview

We discussed a lot of her personal life, in terms of religion and past experiences.

Interview with my Grandmother

I interviewed my grandmother about her life and the lessons she learned along the way

Interview with Uncle Benny

In this interview, I asked my uncle about his views on the world and some memories from his past.

Synthesis interview

I talked to my mom about her life and the lessons she learned.

Sister talk

My sister and I talked about things like religion, hardships, and adults that have influenced us.

“I’d rather be thought of someone wise and loving”

My Grandma wants to be an inspiration to her family. She explained how much religion means to her and how it uplifts her. She wants to be remembered as someone wise and loving. And loves to read books.

Raised By A Community

In this interview, my dad talked about how he was guided through most of his life and wishes he could have taken more risks.